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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Update translations


  • Added missing title attribute
  • Format dates in Blog Posts gridfield based on user preferences
  • FIX Ensure tag cloud widget does not break when there are zero tags
  • FIX Success/error message overflow in cms
  • FIX Prevent duplicate tags and categories
  • FIX Prevent showing future blog posts before their publish date
  • FIX Prevent the CMS Hijacking the return keypress in gridfieldaddbydbfield
  • FIX minInnerWidth should begin with upper-case M


  • Add BlogTagsCloudWidget
  • Added code coverage and extra badges on the home page
  • Changed blog page icon
  • Change image field label back to “Featured Image”
  • Rework documentation to have clear user guide and dev docs.
  • Fix blog date filtering for additional database server types
  • Tests now pass in Postgres on 3.1 and 3.2
  • improved pagination for blog posts


  • Allow injection on date
  • Added standard code of conduct
  • Converted to PSR-2
  • Update translations
  • BUG Fix regression in #312 in PHP 5.3


  • Changelog added.
  • Added standard git attributes
  • Added standard license
  • Added standard editor config
  • Added hook for extension filters on tag blog posts
  • Update translations
  • Added hook for extension filters on category blog posts
  • FIX Title bug due to #320
  • FIX Hardcode the year to the current year in setUp()
  • BUG Fix tag / category filters not being filtered in PaginatedList()
  • ENHANCEMENT Default archive year
  • BUGFIX: Dropdowns do not use unique IDs
  • BUG Fix crash if parent page isn't Blog type
  • ENHANCEMENT filtering for large user base sites.
  • FIX Explicitly set the PostsPerPage during migration
  • i18n wrong label in BlogPost.php
  • Bugfix: avoid feeding null to PaginatedList constructor
  • Default PublishDate to NULL for drafts and sort them at the top
  • Update README to include additional requirements
  • Fixed a bug where an error occurred when attempting to change the page type of 'Blog'