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CI Silverstripe supported module


This module contains the API's for building Reports that are displayed in the Silverstripe backend. This module replaces the built-in reports API from earlier versions of Silverstripe (2.4 and 3.0).


  • Silverstripe 4.0


The reports section will not show up in the CMS if:

  • There are no reports to show
  • The logged in user does not have permission to view any reports

For large datasets, the reports section may take a long time to load, since each report is getting a count of the items it contains to display next to the title.

To mitigate this issue, there is a cap on the number of items that will be counted per report. This is set at 10,000 items by default, but can be configured using the limit_count_in_overview configuration variable. Setting this to null will result in showing the actual count regardless of how many items there are.

  limit_count_in_overview: 500

Note that some reports may have overridden the getCount method, and for those reports this may not apply.