Add missing widget models to db classname remapping

SilverStripe 4 has introduced namespacing, and thus ClassName field in
the database is now referring to classes that no longer exist. However
on a dev/build these will be updated so long as there is configuration
mapping the old class name to the new class name. However Blog module
here is missing the widget classes, which causes problems with
migrations. This will fix that.
Dylan Wagstaff 2019-11-04 11:31:20 +13:00
parent d7a2fc5a6c
commit 6e1c77af0b
1 changed files with 5 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -7,3 +7,8 @@ SilverStripe\ORM\DatabaseAdmin:
BlogCategory: SilverStripe\Blog\Model\BlogCategory
BlogPost: SilverStripe\Blog\Model\BlogPost
BlogTag: SilverStripe\Blog\Model\BlogTag
BlogArchiveWidget: SilverStripe\Blog\Widgets\BlogArchiveWidget
BlogCategoriesWidget: SilverStripe\Blog\Widgets\BlogCategoriesWidget
BlogRecentPostsWidget: SilverStripe\Blog\Widgets\BlogRecentPostsWidget
BlogTagsCloudWidget: SilverStripe\Blog\Widgets\BlogTagsCloudWidget
BlogTagsWidget: SilverStripe\Blog\Widgets\BlogTagsWidget