ah its a fork of sw for my blag
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sw - suckless webframework

sw is a minimal and sane web framework.

Changes from jroimartin/sw

  • footer modified to add licensing info



make && make install PREFIX=/usr/local


Copy sw.conf and style.css to your working directory, and edit them to fit your needs.

Static web generation

Run from your working directory:

sw /path/to/site

Where 'site' is the folder where your website is located. The static version of the website is created under 'site.static'.

Automatic generation+upload

The whole process can be automatized if you create a Makefile like this in your working directory:

	sw /path/to/site
	rsync -avz site.static/ foo.org:/path/to/wwwroot/
	rm -rf site.static


  • Nibble <develsec.org>


  • pancake <nopcode.org>
  • Andrew Antle