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DaVukovic 078b47ad26
Merge branch 'playground'
4 years ago
720p Let's get startet 4 years ago
_screenshots Added: screenshots needed for the new website front end 11 years ago
backgrounds Updated: [PM3.HD PVR] added back in all the stuff needed since the move to git and fixed a few issues 12 years ago
colors Updated: [PM3.HD] Changed skin file EOL format to Unix instead of windows 13 years ago
fonts [PM3.HD] Commit of skin code sorry no history because of the move 13 years ago
language Updated language files from transfix 10 years ago
media Cleaned up some code issues and graphics no longer needed 10 years ago
sounds Fixed stuff to go into the repo 10 years ago
themes/Old_School Added: [PM3.HD] Old School Theme (original textures before it got re-imaged) 12 years ago
LICENSE.txt Fixed stuff to go into the repo 10 years ago
addon.xml Let's get startet 4 years ago
changelog.txt Changed: Bumped up the skin version to 2.1.1 and updated the changelog.txt 11 years ago
fanart.jpg Added the fanart.jpg needed for the Frodo repo 10 years ago
icon.png Updated [All] Icons to new standard 13 years ago